How to
Talk with Animals
by Expanding Your Perception.

This Teleconference class starts September 5th.

There are many different ways to increase perception and we will exploring at least eight different techniques during the class. The focus of the class is to fully grasp each technique and come away with sound usable skills. We will, of course, involve our own delightful animals in the games we will be playing and those of our classmates.

   ~ Starting September 5th, Tuesday evenings, from 6-7pm, Pacific, for eight weeks.
   ~ This eight week class limited to ten people.
   ~ Internet access is a good idea since we will be using it for some lessons.
   ~ $160. The early bird discount price is $130, if paid before July 15th.

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Book 52 Tips  Talking with Animals more Easily by AnupoJoy

52 Tips
Talking with Animals more Easily

A Pocket Guide to Telepathic Communication
between People and Animals.

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"Being a male, engineering type, your book reminds me of a computer software quick-tutor. Itís a quick and good read, I can refer back to it as often as I like and find one of your tips easily. Itís a winner!"
~ Donn Hopkins of No Limit Remote Viewing

Tip # 15
Telepathic responses can be similar to listening for an echo.
When you call across a mountain you wait . . . . . . . for a
few seconds for the echo to come back. The answer will
have a different quality than your question. The timbre
may be different, the rhythm, the emotion or even the chi
or kinesthetic intensity.

Tip #16
The size of an animal's individual physical brain has little to
do with the depth of an animalís understanding or ability to
communicate. That which accesses telepathic information is
outside of or beyond the physical body.

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