Anupo Joy is a warm natural intuitive who is known for her loving heart and the clear perception she brings to her work. She has conducted over 43,000 individual clairvoyant, clairaudient and medium consultations with people, corporations and animals. Some of the training Anupo has received to increase her innate skills include deep integration of diverse forms of meditation, remote viewing (ARV, CRV, ERV, SRV) and receiving Master Practitioner and Trainer standing in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Anupo works almost exclusively now with animals and their people through phone consultations, in home, stable visits and entertaining speaking engagements. She has written numerous articles and stories on Animal Communication and Intuition, produced CDs, is a co-author of the best selling book Wake Up Live the Life You Love: Seizing Your Success and author of 52 Tips, Talking with Animals more Easily.

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Question and Answer Column

Dear Anupo,
   A few weeks ago I brought home our new puppy. My kids named her Caffe. She is an absolute delight and is so much fun to play with. The problem is that she gets SO excited that she doesnít come when I call. ~Janice, Seattle, WA

Dear Janice,
   Caffe and I have connected. She explained that she knows she gets overly excited sometimes and that when she does, can hear you and knows what you want she can't stop the adrenaline. She's a little embarrassed about not being able to stop. She also knows that you like her excitement so it's confusing for her. Calming signals would work well in this case. When she gets excited you can slowly yawn and blink. And if you don't mind you can also add a lick of your upper lip. These are signals that dogs give to each other to calm each other down. Next while she is calm you will want to create a film clip in your mind of the behavior you would prefer from her. She is young and is still figuring out what your thinking means. Make it easy for her with a film clip of mental pictures, sounds, words and smells.
© Anupo Joy 2005
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From the Best Selling series

Wake Up Live the Life You Love Seizing Your Success

An early memory of the lemon tree is the first memory I have of the fairies and earth spirits. My little brother and I were sitting on the wild grass that grew under the tree and I was telling him what I saw. Filaments of energy - light moving and playing around the tree. Then we felt a warm puff of sweetness the fairies sent to us, in response to a little girl's recognition of their presence. I was about four at the time.
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Medium -The TV Show
For those of you who watch the show Medium. This link is to a fascinating interview with Dr. Gary Schwartz who has worked with and tested the real Allison DuBois in his Arizona lab. When the page to the Unknown Country site opens look in the upper right corner and click on the Listen Now button. Choose Dec 10, The Truth About Medium

Becoming a Skilled Hunter
by Anupo Joy
   I was talking with an orange, adolescent Tabby cat the other day. The topic was his hunting and what he did with his prey.
   Recently he had been hunting lizards and he would bring them onto the porch leaving them there dead or maimed.
   In our conversation I talked about how it was OK to hunt and kill his prey IF he was going to eat it. However IF he was not going to eat it he needed to leave the creature unharmed and able to go on with it's life. Partway into the conversation Tiger became very busy with bathing. In this case, it was his way of dealing with internal conflict. When I brought him back to the topic I remarked about how much more skill it takes as a hunter to not damage an animal and I wondered just how skilled a hunter he could become.
   I mentally showed him pictures of his adult male cat friend (who just happens to be my own sweetheart Tuddy) and how he brings me the gift of his prey. I showed Tiger how the lizards that were brought into my kitchen and carefully placed on the little rug were healthy and unharmed and how Tuddy and his sister would follow me to the lizard release area and watch them go. As I gave him a playful rub and tussle I wondered just how skilled a hunter Tiger could become?
   Tiger is a young cat and will need some reminding so when I see him around Iíll just happen to wonder the same question over and over for a while and watch the results. (During the time I have been writing this short article I have been brought two small lizards both completely unharmed. One was placed on the little rug and the other on my foot.)
© Anupo Joy 2005

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News Story:
Dolphins Save People from Sharks
   A pod of dolphins circled swimmers 300 feet off the coast of New Zealand, herding them into a tight circle, then swimming around them. The swimmers soon noticed outside the pod of dolphins circled a great white shark. The shark was attempting to get through the dolphins to the swimmers. The swimmers, experienced Lifeguards spent the next 40 minutes surrounded by the dolphins until the shark swam away.
   Dolphins are known to protect their young from sharks in this way. Though the protection of a group of humans is unusual stories of dolphins aiding humans in the ocean go back to antiquity.

Animal Food Donations
* Please remember to donate to AniMeals this Holiday (or any other time). The Animeals program is run by the Helen Woodard Animal Center. Bins for donations are in all the PetCos in San Diego County.

The program offers free pet food for the dogs and cats of elderly throughout San Diego County, many whom could not keep their companion animals without this help.


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