Anupo Joy is a warm natural intuitive who is known for her loving heart and the clear perception she brings to her work. She has conducted over 43,000 individual clairvoyant, clairaudient and medium consultations with people, corporations and animals. Some of the training Anupo has received to increase her innate skills include deep integration of diverse forms of meditation, remote viewing (ARV, CRV, ERV, SRV) and receiving Master Practitioner and Trainer standing in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Anupo works almost exclusively now with animals and their people through phone consultations, in home, stable visits and entertaining speaking engagements. She has written numerous articles and stories on Animal Communication and Intuition, produced CDs, is a co-author of the best selling book Wake Up Live the Life You Love: Seizing Your Success and author of 52 Tips, Talking with Animals more Easily.

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Question and Answer Column

Dear Anupo,
   During the holidays I had to leave my animals, a dog, two cats and a bird home for two weeks while I visited relatives. I am never quite sure how they feel about me going. Normally on a day to day basis none of them seem to have any concern about me returning in the evening. However, when I got back from my trip I had four animals who didn't want me out of their sight. Gradually things are returning to normal. What can I do so my animal family doesn't experience so much anxiety the next time I go out of town?     Beth Sanders ~ San Diego

Dear Beth,
   When you are going to be leaving your loved ones for a longer then normal period of time there are several things to consider.
   The top of the list are your own feelings about being apart from them. Our animals are very good at reading our emotions and responding to them. If you sit down with them and explain how you feel about the trip, where you are going, what you are going to be doing and when you are coming back it helps a great deal. Give them the job of helping you by behaving well while you are gone. Outline for them specifically what that means to you.
Have your animal sitter meet each animal before you leave and be sure each animal is played with everyday. And if the animal will allow the sitter, some nurturing brushing can be good.
   Before you go let the animals know how long you will be gone. Talk to each one individually. If you are able to visualize easily your animal will be used to knowing what's up with you by your internal pictures. Run a film clip of leaving and how many times the sun goes up and down. The most important part of the film clip is you in the picture returning and lovingly embracing each animal. If you are unable to visualize very well tell them the story of leaving and coming back. Your animals will be accustomed to hearing your internal dialogue and thus gleaning the information they need in this auditory fashion. Tell them how thrilled you will be to come home and be with them again.
   While you are on your trip set aside a little time each day to connect with each of your animal family by visualizing or speaking/listening and sending them love. With practice you will feel them receive the love AND feel them send love to you.
© Anupo Joy 2006
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From the Best Selling series

Wake Up Live the Life You Love Seizing Your Success

An early memory of the lemon tree is the first memory I have of the fairies and earth spirits. My little brother and I were sitting on the wild grass that grew under the tree and I was telling him what I saw. Filaments of energy - light moving and playing around the tree. Then we felt a warm puff of sweetness the fairies sent to us, in response to a little girl's recognition of their presence. I was about four at the time.
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Telepathy, the Mother Tongue
By Anupo Joy

   For animals telepathy is their mother tongue, in humans it acts as though it is latent or is a second language.
   Have you ever traveled in a country whose language you didn't read or write? And as you fumbled through the phrase book trying to find the right word the world bicycled by.
   I remember being in the orient and trying to mail a letter at a post office. It was very busy and the clerk was harried. Even as I pointed and gestured he would not understand me. Now I have traveled a lot in countries where I don't speak the language so my miming is very good. But this man was overwhelmed and irritated and his heart was closed. I could not help but think how different he was from the family in the café I frequented. There I never failed to get a tasty wonderful meal. It's true I didn't always know what I was eating but in a country with tastes so different then my norm I could have had many unpleasant surprises and did have in other restaurants but never in that café.
   The difference between the postman and the family was heart. The willingness to understand. They were willing to understand me. They were delighted to make the effort, so even as I gestured toward a dinner they would make adjustments that would work for me because their hearts told them to.
   Think of this, a foreign human moving around, gesturing and making noises that convey emotion but no specific information. Sound familiar? This is what your companion animal does.
   The first step to understanding / communicating with an animal is willingness to learn on your part and your animal's part. This combined with the heart, the love between you and your animal can carry you far, will stimulate the natural ability to communicate telepathicly.
   The next time your animal friend pantomimes for you, feel as well as watch. How does your body feel? Sometimes a telepathic transmission will be sensed as a pressure similar to sound waves pushing from the direction of the sender. If you are listening with the intent of understanding, your focus will follow your intent creating a pathway. Quite literally an energetic pathway between you and your animal friend. If you were to see what happens energeticly you would see a soft cloud extend from you toward your animal and then finally reach them. And visa versa. The cloud that exists between the two of you is alive with information.
   Experiment, investigate and you may find that telepathy is your mother tongue also.
© Anupo Joy 2006

February 4, 7:00 P.M. Anupo will be the speaker at the Hemet Bird Club. The club meets at the Winchester Community Center. If you are in that area and would like a consultation before the talk please call (760) 840-0973 to schedule.

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News Story:
Baby Hippo and the Giant Tortoise
  When the Tsunami's waves struck the coast of Kenya, a baby hippo was wallowing with his herd in the ocean near the mouth of a river. Too small to escape the waves, he became stranded on a coral reef. The next day villagers were able to rescue the baby with fishing nets.
  The baby hippo, known now as Owen, was taken 50 miles away to Haller Park Wildlife Sanctuary in Mombasa Kenya. Hippos are very social and when Owen arrived at the sanctuary he immediately ran up to Mtzee, the 130 year old tortoise. It took a while for the tortoise to warm up to the affectionate Owen and now they play together in the water, go on walks, wake each other for meals and snuggle up next to each other at night.
  The two have developed various forms of communication from nudging each others legs to vocalizing with sounds that are neither tortoise hissing nor hippo honking. When talking to each other both Owen and Mtzee make soft high pitched whimpering sounds.

Photo by Peter Greste

New Orleans Animals
New Orleans animals still need our help in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Please donate to the New Orleans Audubon Nature Institute
The Institute is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that operates a family of museums and parks dedicated to nature. At present many of the facilities remain closed due to damage while others are operating on a limited basis. These New Orleans facilities include: Audubon Zoo, Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, Audubon Louisiana Nature Center, Audubon Center for Research of Endangered Species, Freeport-McMoRan Audubon Species Survival Center, Wilderness Park, Woldenberg Riverfront Park, Audubon Park and Entergy IMAX® Theatre,.



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  Communication Tip #2

The greatest carrier
of telepathy is love.
When your heart is open
it is easier
for the flow of
information to be
received and sent.

  Excerpt from 52 Tips
Talking with
Animals more Easily

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A Pocket Guide to Telepathic Communication between People and Animals.

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