Anupo Joy is a warm natural intuitive who is known for her loving heart and the clear perception she brings to her work. She has conducted over 43,000 individual clairvoyant, clairaudient and medium consultations with people, corporations and animals. Some of the training Anupo has received to increase her innate skills include deep integration of diverse forms of meditation, remote viewing (ARV, CRV, ERV, SRV) and receiving Master Practitioner and Trainer standing in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Anupo works almost exclusively now with animals and their people through phone consultations, in home, stable visits and entertaining speaking engagements. She has written numerous articles and stories on Animal Communication and Intuition, produced CDs, is a co-author of the best selling book Wake Up Live the Life You Love: Seizing Your Success and author of 52 Tips, Talking with Animals more Easily.

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This is Shanti, my new sweetheart.

Question and Answer Column
Animal Perspectives

Dear Anupo,
   My sweet, young dog Moncy has recently had some scary, stressful experiences and as a result he uncharacteristicly lashed out at his very best playmate. We are confused about what to do and would like you to come and help clear up the situation.
   Shannon More ~ Del Mar, CA

   I went to visit Moncy and Shannon in their home. Animals have their own perspective on problems and solutions and when we allow them, their choices can be delightful and innovative.
   The young dog and I talked by exchanging pictures and silent internal statements and questions. When the stress was cleared and a new perspective brought to the situation for both Moncy and Shannon, I told the young dog he was going to have to apologize to his friend and that since I was not a dog I didnít know what that would look like. It was up to him to figure it out. I told this to him silently and verbally explained to Shannon what I was saying. After a few seconds I started giggling and laughing. Moncy had given me a delightful picture. Rear up in the air wiggling yet poised and ready to dash right or left. When next they meet his apology to his friend was to be an enthusiastic play bow!
© Anupo Joy 2006
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From the Best Selling series

Wake Up Live the Life You Love Seizing Your Success

An early memory of the lemon tree is the first memory I have of the fairies and earth spirits. My little brother and I were sitting on the wild grass that grew under the tree and I was telling him what I saw. Filaments of energy - light moving and playing around the tree. Then we felt a warm puff of sweetness the fairies sent to us, in response to a little girl's recognition of their presence. I was about four at the time.
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Neuter Scooter
   We are coming into spring and there simply are not enough homes for all the animals born. It is a sad fact that every day, over 50 unwanted animals are destroyed in San Diego County. This includes every breed and age of dogs, rabbits and cats. Being healthy or loving or even purebred does not save their lives. At this rate the average San Diego County home would have to house 24 animals!
Many veterinarians and veterinary staff donate their time to help provide spay and neutering through SNAP. Spay & Neuter Action Project.
Cat- $20   Male Dog- $30   Female Dog- $40

To schedule an appointment with the Neuter Scooter call. 866-SPAYBUS (866-772-9287)
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From Rescued to Happy, Happy, Happy!   By Anupo Joy

   Shanti is her name and she is a kind, sweet, soul, wise way beyond her seven kitten months. This fuzzy, gray and white embodiment of Peace, is the newest member of my family. Shanti was a rescue and came into my life with a damaged leg.    Adopting a rescued animal can be an amazing experience. As a whole they are the most grateful and willing to learn animals I have met. They do however take extra awareness at the beginning of a new relationship. Often the memory of cruelty and neglect shows up when we least expect it.
   I was making up the bed recently and dropped her into the middle of it. The time when the sheets and blankets are flying around, has always been great fun for my other cats. What excitement, landing poof, into the middle of moving sheets. I didn't think about it when I did it. As she landed I realized something was wrong. Her eyes were as big as saucers and when I went to her, her little heart was thumping and I could feel and see her mind racing as she checked with me. She was asking was this dangerous? Had she done something wrong? Was she going to get hurt? And thinking just plain "Oh shit!" Her history was she had been thrown, like a baseball into an ice cold swimming pool. Being airborne for even that split second was enough to stimulate the memory. I apologized profusely to her and sat and rubbed her until she calmed down. Then as I gently held her I let her know the frightening experiences were over and although she might experience startling events in our home there would never be an intent to scare or harm her. As I talked I naturally pictured how the big cats have always played with the bedding and how much excitement and fun they have.
   One of the most useful ways of teaching new possibilities is by storytelling. Everyone loves a good story including animals. An entrancing storyteller includes with the narrative and teaching points, emotions that anchor the good experience of the story and create curiosity for even more enjoyable times.
   Shanti has played in the bedding since and now one of her favorite games is mole surprise. She runs under the different layers of sheets and blankets as the bed is being made.
   By talking to her and showing her pictures of the big cats having a good time it gave Shanti alternate examples of how she could experience the bed making. Her mind then worked out how the experience could be fun for her. And fun she is definitely having. We never know when mole surprise is going to strike!
© Anupo Joy 2006

News Stories:
Monkey Cares for Cats
   This female monkey has been living at a yacht club in Roatan, Honduras, for 20 years. She uses her maternal instincts to care for a brood of nine cats.
   The story goes that the cats let the monkey carry them up into the trees where she cleans their fur and picks off fleas.

Bird Wins Award for Cross-Stitching
   Spike, a three year old budgie was named Young Cross-Stitcher of 2005 by British Cross-Stitcher magazine.
   Sandra, Spike's person nursed the budgie back to health after a near fatal food allergy. Sandra would cross-stitch and Spike would sit for hours on her shoulder watching. Sandra says "One day I just sat and didn't stitch. It seemed to frustrate her. Then suddenly she picked up the needle in her beak and began cross-stitching herself. I was staggered. Now I can't stop her. She still gets a bit confused at how the patterns work but she is very good at pulling and pushing the needle through the fabric."


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Telepathy is a
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We humans use it
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A Pocket Guide to Telepathic Communication between People and Animals.

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